How to Use B2B Social Networking to Generate Leads

Social networking has become a huge trend in recent years, and businesses marketers are very interested in using social media for advertising and generating leads.

Social media marketing has been very effective so far.  Social sites like Facebook and Twitter are for people connecting as friends, so it makes sense to advertise there for businesses that sell to consumers (B2C), and perhaps a business-to-business (B2B) company can create a page with some information about their company.  LinkedIn is more of a social site for business people to network together as professionals, with a focus on personal career, not really for trade and making deals between businesses.  LinkedIn may work sometimes for B2B advertising, but I would not call it a B2B social network.

It seems that there isn’t really a good B2B social networking site and businesses are trying awkwardly to use Facebook and Twitter for B2B marketing. was created to fill this gap in the social market, and is the B2B Social Network, currently in Beta mode. MyTradeZone has only company pages and at its core is a directory for B2B companies, wholesale products and business services.   MyTradeZone has a B2B  search engine to find listings on the marketplace.  Businesses can follow other businesses, share news, write reviews, share news, send messages, create groups, and share listings.

It is free for companies to upload their products, and receive leads, or post requests for quotes (RFQs) and get multiple price quotes from vendors.

B2B companies can take advantage of these great features and promote their company using B2B social networking to generate leads on


What do you think of MyTradeZone and B2B social networking?

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